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CORDEX Data Extractor
Extracting Time Series From CORDEX Netcdf Files

What is Cordex Data Extractor software?

This Windows desktop software is designed for extracting data from CORDEX NetCDF files. It can temporarily merge CORDEX NetCDF files and extract your desired time series efficiently. Users can specify the start and end times, and extract data using regular latitude and longitude (WGS84). No special knowledge of NetCDF databases or programming is required. The CORDEX Data Extractor automatically converts regular coordinates to match the CORDEX NetCDF file attributes, facilitating data extraction using rotated coordinates and rlat/rlon variables. If the tool fails to extract your file, you are eligible for a refund. Please note that the best tool for this purpose is the Open NC File tool.

Rotation of Coordinates Based On CORDEX Domains

How can I use Cordex Data Extractor?

Cordex Data Extractor doesn't need help file because of all processes have been done in behind codes and the user just enters dates, coordinate, and variable name

1- Install CDE by click on "Cordex Data Extractor.exe"

2- Open your CORDEX NetCDF file

cordex data

3- Click start and end of period that you want to extract (depend on your files)

Notice: if your file is in daily you don't need to set hours and minutes. If your file is in monthly you don't need to set days,...

cordex data

4- Please enter your regular coordinate in decimal format and your variable name, then click on "Extract".

cordex data

Notice: You can view domain of your file by clicking on "Get Bound In Map". Please select your Latitude and Longitude in domain. The specified red lines on the map are just for show the domains and it is not exact.

Notice: You can use rotated pole grid NetCDF files. These files should have rlat/rlon variables.

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The license will active for one year.

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